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November of 2016


Marathon EDP 2016

Streets of Porto and Matosinhos | Porto

6 of November, 2016

Celebrating its 13th edition, we'll have in November at Porto, the 42 km race between Porto and Matosinhos , in one of the most beautiful scenery to run in the world.

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October 2016



Casa da Música | Porto

29 October 2016

The Nottingham cult band that's been around on the road for over 20 years, returns to Portugal to play in one of the most emblematic houses of culture in Portugal, the House of Music in Porto.

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July of 2016


World Race of F1H20 em

Douro River | Porto

29 to 31 of July 2016

The Powerboat F1H20 World Championship is back to Porto and will shake our waters of the River Douro. In a competition of the most prestigious worldwide, we have the fastest boats in the world to "fly" between the banks of Porto and Gaia.

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June of 2016

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Festival Caixa Ribeira

Ribeira of Porto

3 and 4 of June 2016

Porto prepares once again to receive the greatest fado festival in Portugal. More than 40 singers will perform during two days on 10 stages in Ribeira do Porto. Among the confirmed artists, we can expect the likes of Antonio Zambujo, Pedro Moutinho and Simone de Oliveira.

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Festivities in Serralves

Museum and Parks of Serralves | Porto

3 and 4 of June, 2016

Serralves is synonymous of art and animation. With a museum full of contemporary culture and a garden that inspires anyone, will again be filled with people to welcome the Serralves Festivities 2016, which is filled with alternative programs, 40 hours of culture non-stop and where we can find music, performing arts, poetry, photography and others.

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Manual Logos NPS16 1

NOS Primavera Sound 2016

City Park | Porto

9 to 11 of June, 2016

The Festival NOS Primavera Sound 2016, which originated in the twin of Barcelona, is beginning to be an authentic cult festival in Porto. From 9 to 11 June you can attend to concerts of famous artists in its various sounds like PJ Harvey, Sigur Ros, Brian Wilson, Explosions In The Sky and many others. The backdrop is the fantastic City Park, green lung of Porto.

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São João Porto 2016

In the Streets | Porto

23 to 24 of June, 2016

In a night full of light and color, the city celebrates its patron saint. With the Porto and its people on the street, it is one of the finest European nights. 2016 will be no exception with more than 20 minutes of fireworks and entertainment throughout the day and night.

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May of 2016


Wings For Life - Corrida Solidária

Streets of Porto and Gaia

8 of May, 2016

Once again, Porto receives the international solidarity race, Wings for Life, which this year will feature the joint participation and at the same time in 34 cities around the world, with the aim of raising funds for the injuries healing of research in spinal cord.

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World Rally Championship

Av. dos Aliados | Porto

20 of May, 2016

For the first time in the history of the World Rally Championship in Portugal, we have a Special Stage to be held in the city center of Porto. With an approximate length of 1800 meters, it is expected a flood of people to see the best riders and their machines. You can also follow the rest of the Portugal Rally between 19 and 22 May, in northern Portugal.

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March of 2016


Openings in Miguel Bombarda

Street Miguel Bombarda | Porto

19 of March, 2016

Travel to the heart of the artistic center of Porto, where we will have the usual openings cycle of public exhibitions, where galleries invite all interested parties to visit their new works.

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February of 2016


Essence of Wine

Palácio da Bolsa | Porto

25 to 28 of February of 2016

Already in its 13th edition, join once again the wine experts in Portugal that will select the Top 10 Portuguese Wines. This year will be present to contest more than 3000 wines from 350 domestic producers.

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4 DECEMBER 2015 | 10:30 p.m.

There are four girls playing some punk and exploring other musical genres. What comes out of them " are spontaneous”, says the singer. After all, this is only a band of irreverent girls, period! The Anarchicks will shake the Rivoli, and promise very good moments!

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05 DECEMBER 2015 | 9:30 p.m.

Founded in 1982 by Reverend Bazil Meade, the London Community Gospel Choir are among the best well known and most successful choirs Gospel in England and abroad, having worked with artists like Madonna , Elton John , Blur , Eric Clapton and Kylie Minogue . They are amazing!

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18 de DEZEMBRO 2015 | 21:00h

The most fantastic fairy tale Hansel and Gretel in the version of the Brothers Grimm is the most popular among all German literature. The story of two brothers attracted by a witch to a home made of goodies is world famous and gave origin to the opera's from the composer Humperdinck, a very good work always associated with Christmas.

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NEW YEAR’S EVE 2015-2016 | PORTO



Start 2016 by the best way! Ensures a unique experience filled with excitement. Enjoy the warmth of the Porto musician, Pedro Abrunhosa who was in charge of the countdown to the New Year 2016 on Avenida dos Aliados.

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02 NOVEMBER 2015 | 9:00 p.m.

After the worldwide success of "7th Symphony " (2010 ) , the Finnish cellists were dedicated to multiple projects acclaimed by music critic, to prepare their eighth studio album . This event is scheduled for COLISEU and will be promoted by an extensive tour that includes two dates in Portugal and one in Porto.

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8 NOVEMBER 2015 | 9h00 A.M

Porto Marathon EDP is one of the most important "running" in Portugal with a distance of 41km. It’s one of the most beautiful in the world, mostly around the sea and the Douro River, crossing Luis I bridge and visiting three cities from the Atlantic coast. This event will be attended by more than 5.000 athletes from 40 different countries all over the world.

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Misty Fest

04-11-2015, Mayra Andrade, 21:00 - Coliseu do Porto

07-11-2015, Maria Mendes, 22:00 - Casa da Música

09-11-2015 The Cinematic Orchestra, 21.00 - Casa da Música

10-11-2015 Lenine, 21.00 - Casa da Música

The 6th edition of Misty Fest will take place in November. It is said that is the best music in the best stages. The event environment attracts people. It is event especially for authentic fans music.

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Coliseu do Porto

26-11-2015 a 27-11-2015

This Portuguese singer has over a million records sold, editing in more than 35 countries, several national and international awards, and numerous world tours. Her new album, the world, will be published on 9 October. Already on November 26 her fans can see her in Porto Coliseum’s stage.

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18 NOVEMBER 2015 | 9:00 p.m.

Rodrigo Leão holds all his great ambition: an ambition that allowed him to embrace the world and manage international highly complex projects. Here we have a great concert with the Gulbenkian Orchestra, with 100 musicians, including the choir and they will be directed by maestro Rui Pinheiro. Fantastic!

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A Sinfonia da Orquestra

Casa da Música


The 15th anniversary of the symphonic orchestra will be celebrated on October 3. On this occasion, participants can listen to best-known symphonies of the world.

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Stacey Kent

Coliseu do Porto


She is American jazz singer. Stacey is Grammy-nominated musician for her performance on the album "Breakfast On The Morning Tram". Already on October 30 you'll see her in Oporto. She will give you a melancholic and poetic show. Surely this event will be unforgettable for the audience.

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16 to 18 OCTOBER 2015 | 13h00 - 20h00 p.m.

The Zen Festival will be the first time in Porto for three days with more than 50 activities dedicated to health and wellness care, personal development and sustainability. In this fest will be present stores of natural products from all over the country. They will have room for therapies, massages, presentations and concerts.

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23 to 24 de October 2015

Porto receives one of the largest international festivals of creativity and contemporary art - the “OFFF Festival, let's feed the future”. The organization is from “Typeless studio design”, this edition promises to be more than a festival, but a celebration of digital art, design and innovation.

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Noites Rituais

Palácio de Cristal

25-09-2015 a 26-09-2015

Ritual nights (“Noites Rituais”) will be celebrated for two days in the last weekend of September. You can finish summer with fantastic Portuguese music. On Friday participants will listen to songs of bands Capicua and PZ, and they will have fun with Devil and Rita Red Shoes on Saturday.

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Orquesta Sinfónica

Avenida dos Aliados

04-09-2015 a 05-09-2015

Oporto receives again concerts of The Symphony Orchestra which will be held in the first weekend of September at Aveninda dos Aliados. Guarantee attractive program with an unforgettable atmosphere. Free entrance.

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Happy Holi



Porto receives the 3rd edition of the Biggest Music Festival and Colours of the World on September 6. People wear white clothes and paint and are painted a million colours. It is a day full of music, colours and fun. It is a good moment to capture spectacular moments with friends.

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Marés Vivas Festival

New City of Gaia

16-07-2015 a 18-07-2015

One of the biggest northern music festivals is the Marés Vivas Festival that has already taken place since 1999. This festival has evolved over the time, and it is able to attract big names of the international stage. This year 2015, some artists are already confirmed, such as the American Lenny Kravitz, the Fado singer Ana Moura and the winner of an Academy Award, John Legend.

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F1 Powerboating World Championship

New City of Gaia | Porto

31-07-2015 a 02-08-2015

The F1H20 Powerboating World Championship is an absolute debut in Porto and it promises to shake our waters on the Douro River. This is a competition of the most prestigious worldwide, performing in the city of Porto and New City of Gaia between days 31 July and 2 August. This is simply an event not to be missed in Porto.

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NOS Primavera Sound

Park of the city

04-06-2015 a 06-06-2015

The NOS Primavera Sound was originated in the twin of Barcelona being a cult in Porto. From 4 to 6 June we can watch various artists with the most diverse sounds. The backdrop is the fantastic City Park, considered the lungs of Porto.

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Caixa Ribeira Festival

Porto Riverside

12-06-2015 a 13-06-2015

Porto is being prepared to receive the greatest Fado festival on 12 and 13 June. More than 40 singers will perform during two days on 10 stages in the Porto riverside. Between confirmed artists we can expect names as Carminho, Gisela João and Camané.

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Sain John


23-06-2015 a 24-06-2015

The fantastic and typical campground of São João in Porto, which takes place on the night of 23 to 24 June in celebration of St. John the Baptist. It is one of the largest and funniest parties of Europe, being well known among European tourists and where the Porto residents have fun and receive all the new faces that pass through here.

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Park and Museum

29-05-2015 - 31-05-2015

Serralves is synonymous of art and animation, it’s the home of cultural spaces and of a garden that inspires anyone. This May, Serralves is full of alternative programs; however we would like to highlight "Serralves em Festa 2015" that has multiple activities for the whole family between 08h00 and 00h00. Where can we find music, performing arts, poetry, photography and more.

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