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The best street of the world is here near Porto

Find out which is the road that is currently regarded as the world's best to drive.

A design, physical circuits of Formula 1 and radical paths developed the formula that has lead to this conclusion.

In the top of the 25 roads considered to be the world's best to drive, there are three Portuguese ones: the N267 linking São Marcos da Serra Monchique, the N247 Atlantic Avenue between Sintra and Macas Beach and the N222 from Peso da Regua to Pinhão through the famous Douro Valley route.

After the application of the Avis Driving Ratio, the conclusion was that the N222 is the best of them all with much above the average levels.

This is not a subjective evaluation that depends on preferences of the evaluators, but rather a mathematical formula making the evaluation of various elements.

The Avis has recruited a team of several scientists, quantum physicist (Mark Hadley), a Formula 1 route designer, high-powered cars (Hermann Tilke) and also a recognized European designer of radical paths (John Wardley).

There are four key elements in driving: curves, acceleration, braking and straight routes. It was the balancing and evaluation of these four elements that prove that particular road is the best to drive.

These three experts with their team, created the Avis Driving Ratio (ADR), we calculated and equilibrated the optimal balance between these four components to scientifically prove what is the world's best road to drive, said the quantum physicist Mark Hadley.

After performing multiple and challenging driving tests, it was reached the conclusion that the N222 offers the world's best driving experience with the best possible scenario on the riverside of the Douro River. Rent a car in Porto and decide to hit the road, experiencing one of the best roads in the world.

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