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Itinerary of sweets and chocolates in Porto

mercredi 20 avril 2016

Itinerary of sweets and chocolates in Porto

All excuses are good excuses to eat chocolate and in Porto we can find many good ones.

And the chocolate maker list of Porto is full of finesse and flavors. Some charming houses like Ecuador fit here, classics like Arcadia or the most recent ones that indulge the palate of all with the Spirito Cupcakes & Coffee.

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Porto has 600 years of Tripes

mardi 23 juin 2015

Porto has 600 years of Tripes

We notice that Porto has a rich cuisine based on its history, one of these cases are the Porto Style Tripe, a dish widely appreciated by the people of northern Portugal and that makes the delights all over the world.

Here the tradition already celebrates 600 years of history, which makes it older than most of the world countries. Its tradition dates back from the time of discoveries, when the Infantry Soldier D. Henrique from Porto needed to feed the people of his vessels for taking Ceuta and the population ended up with the remains of animals and they "made to do with what they had".

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